Medical/Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

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A/S AND GR200 scale 210g capacity Wright 1   One-Time $1000.00 each Jun 29, 18
A/S Exam Tables, wood Washington 3   One-Time Free Apr 30, 18
A/S Glass Bottles - Two sizes Washington 317   One-Time Free Jun 15, 18
W/S Growth Chambers (for plants and tissue culture plantlets) Ramsey 1   One-Time Negotiable Jul 02, 18
A/S Midmark M11 Ultra Clave Automatic Sterilizer 1   One-Time $3200.00 total Jul 10, 18
A/S Vibratome 3000 Series (Two Available) 2   One-Time $2500.00 each Jun 06, 18
A/S Xrayview boxes Washington 12   One-Time Free Apr 30, 18

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